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Chad Charming
Background information
Feature films Descendants
Short films
Television programs Descendants: Wicked World
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Jedidiah Goodacre
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Biggest jerk in the land (Referred by Evie and her magic mirror)
Personality Cheat, Arrogant, Jerk, Selfish, Bully
Occupation Student at Auradon Prep
Player of the Tourney Team
Goal To be popular and not have to do any homework (failed)
Home Charming Providence Auradon
Relatives Cinderella (mother)
King Charming (father)
The King (paternal grandfather)
Cinderella's Father (maternal grandfather; deceased)
The Queen and Cinderella's Mother (grandmothers; deceased)
Lady Tremaine (step-grandmother)
Drizella and Anastasia (step-aunts)
Allies Ben, Audrey, Lonnie
Enemies Jay, Evie, Mal, Carlos De Vil, Maleficent
Likes Getting what he wants, manipulating girls
Dislikes Chemistry
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets left alone
Quote "What do think villains teach their kids, kindness?"

Chad Charming is the secondary antagonist in the Disney Channel movie Descendants, played by Jedidiah Goodacre. He is the son of Queen Cinderella and King Charming.

He’s an all-star player on the school’s tourney team (the prep school’s choice sport), and uses his charm and good looks to try and get what he wants. He begins dating Princess Audrey, Aurora's daughter, after Prince Ben declares his love for Mal.

Despite being labeled as a "hero," he is a spoiled bully, as evidenced by him manipulating Evie's crush on him into getting her to do his homework. During the Family Day event, he gangs up on Ben and the villain kids after Queen Leah, Audrey's grandmother, blames Mal for what happened to her family based simply on her resemblance to Maleficent. At the end of the movie, he is seen dancing with Lonnie.

According to Doug, "Chad inherited the charm, but not a lot of their there.", implying that Chad is actually quite dense. This would explain why he manipulated Evie into doing his homework and had trouble remembering where his cellphone was.


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