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Feature films Descendants
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Portrayed by Zachary Gibson
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Full name
Other names
Personality Nervous, Sweet, Smart, intelligent, kind, nerdy
Occupation Student and Member of the marching band at Auradon Prep
Home Auradon
Relatives Dopey (father) Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy and Sleepy (uncles)
Allies Evie, Ben, Jay, Mal, Carlos De Vil, Audrey, Lonnie, Chad Charming
Enemies Maleficent
Likes Evie, playing music, chemistry, getting good grades, his friends
Dislikes Getting an A-, Chad Charming manipulating Evie
Powers and abilities
Quote "Heigh Ho!"

Doug a character in the movie Descendants, played by Zachary Gibson. He is the son of Dopey.

He is part of Auradon Prep's marching band and is a talented musician who ironically takes a liking to the The Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie. He ends up stalking her on her first day, coming to find she is a kindred spirit when it comes to the mind. He remains determined to win her heart, even helping her keep from being expelled when Chad handed their chemistry teacher the magic mirror to prevent her from cheating. After she gets a B+ on her wits alone, they begin bonding. Then after the coronation they share a couple dance.


  • Unlike his father, Doug has the gift of speech, and appears to be the size of a regular human. This may indicate he is not a dwarf like his father and likely a human/dwarf hybrid borne of a human mother, his more human size indicating his human blood is dominant.
  • He says "Heigh ho!" the first time he sees Evie, which is both a nod to the 7 dwarfs' song and how attractive he found her.
  • He may have begun dating Evie at the end of the film, due to the fact that they danced together.


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