Jay royal
Background information
Feature films Descendants
Short films
Television programs Descendants: Wicked World
Video games Descendants: Isle of the Lost Rush
Park attractions
Portrayed by Booboo Stewart
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance Red hat, long brown hair, purple and brown, blue and yellow coat, black heavy boots
Occupation Student of Dragon Hall (formerly)
Student of Auradon Prep
Star player of the Tourney Team
Alignment Neutral (formerly)
Good (currently)
Home Isle of the Lost (formerly)
Relatives Jafar (father)
Nasira (aunt)
Jade (cousin)
Allies Mal, Evie, Carlos De Vil, Ben, Lonnie, Audrey, Jane, Coach Jenkins
Minions Lagan and Derelict (formerly)
Enemies Maleficent
Likes Stealing (formerly), parkor, leather, chocolate, sports, winning, victory pizza, flirting with girls, Audrey
Dislikes Discipline, princes, guys who are mean to women
Powers and abilities
Fate Becomes good
Quote "We can do this if we stick together."

Jay is a major character in the Disney film, Descendants, played by Booboo Stewart. He is the son of Jafar.

He is handsome, puckish and mischievous. Being athletic, Jay provides the 'brawn' when he and his friends were invited to Auradon Prep. He is a thief, a con man, a handsome, quick-witted boy with charm to spare, whose lies are as beautiful and silvery as his eyes.


He has a penchant for stealing things, which kept him busy at home on the Isle of the Lost. In Auradon, he puts his athleticism to good use as a star player on the tourney team. Through tourney, he is exposed to teamwork for the first time and helps the other villain kids understand its value in executing their plan.


Jay is a sneaky, confident, and handsome guy. Jay was raised to believe that he must get everything and to forget others as well. He's vengeful like Mal and he's athletic. As the son of Jafar, Jay wants to gain his father's respect by stealing the 'big prize'. He isn't fond with how friendship works. Jay has always charm his way to get what he wants back on the Isle. Like the others, Jay was never shown affection by his parent so, when he tries out for the tourney team and makes it, he gets a chance to see what's it like to be a part of something as special.

Physical Appearance

Jay is described as a boy with long dark hair, who's muscular. He has dark chocolate eyes, that could charm anyone especially the girls. He wears a jacket and blue jeans and has a red cap on his head.


  • In the novel, Descendants: Isle of the Lost, it is mentioned that Jay has a cousin named Jade.
  • His father taught him "whoever has the most gold makes the rules" - and "there's no "team" in I".
  • His favorite class in Dragon Hall was Enrichment, as it taught the skills needed for thievery.
  • Unlike his friends, Jay doesn't even have a bed (mattress in Carlos' case) to sleep on. He sleeps on a rug underneath a shelf in his father's shop, which holds heavy televisions. He's quite lucky to have avoided being crushed to death.
  • His father depends on him to stock their store by stealing from everyone on the island; from there, Jafar sells their stuff back.
  • It is also mentioned that he attended Dragon Hall (an evil high school), and has two pet eel sidekicks named Lagan and Derelict. In the present day, they had gotten very large.
  • In the 'Disney Descendants Yearbook', it's revealed that Jay's 'Secret Wish' is for his father to become a very successful businessman and never have to work again, while his 'Not-so-secret Wish' is to be on a winning tourney team
  • It is also revealed that he wants to be a professional tourney player(and then coach) when he grows up.
  • His favorite class is 'Basic Chivalry' because of the ladies
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